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Place for Alternative & Hip-Hop music lovers! Only Best, New and long-awaited albums, EPs and singles in high quality with right tags. Hope you’ll like it! Also on the website you’ll find links to our ALTSINS Facebook & Instagram page!


  1. HappyBoi

    Any plans on using Mediafire on here?

    • Titan

      Looks like you aren’t understand idea of using mediafire at altsins))

  2. PeakBaz

    I Really Appreciate the Added Feature (AltSins Website) Because You ARE Doing Great by EDMTITANS Itself, I Wish You the Best So We Can Listen To More Good Stuff \m/

    • Titan

      Thanks for support, man!

      • Varun

        Thank you for making us feel better

  3. Marco

    I dont see a need to make another edmtitans site alike, and to make genres split site.Just one more site to check and unnesseser work.Why dont keep all in one place?

    • Titan

      I don’t like a dump from all genres in one place, it looks to me like a bag with socks without pairs)) or like when you can buy food at a hardware store, alcohol in baby shop etc…
      In our plans for future, we want to create special website for Techno and all underground music

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