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VA – EDM Singles (07.05.19)

year: May 07/19
quality: 320 kbps
size: ~ 90mb
type: 11 tracks
uploaded: Our FTP / UploadBoy

01. 13 – Mirage
02. Axel Boy – Escapism
03. Gotta – Apples
04. Holly – Encontrar (feat. Slow J)
05. Kosling & BlackCode – Supernova (feat. Alessa)
06. Mad Burgerz & Ave – Temple
07. No Mana – Panic (feat. Jessica Ess)
08. Not3s – Wanting (Michael Calfan Remix)
09. Ramzoid – GLOW
10. Skantia – Cluster
11. Unlike Pluto – Damage Control

Download Here: Only For our Members / UploadBoy


  1. joe

    taken down

  2. lex

    not working 🙁

  3. Alex

    file no exist (

  4. mrfaze78

    Is file taken down already??

    • Titan

      Yep, copyright owners faster as you think

  5. doc

    Who’s gonna re up the file please ??

    • Titan

      Nobody, because it’s still available for our members

      • doc

        And nobody will buy it if you can’t even re up a simple file for your community.
        Looks like it’s not copiright owners but you, in fact, who delete day-1 your own files to push people paying your gold member pass.

        Just saying, i don’t feel safe giving you my credit card numbers, and don’t wanna takes risk. Maybe i’ll be more confident if you care much about your community (and less about money).

        thank you again for the work you’ve done on this website, i’m just sharing my feeling about this.

        • Titan

          You can thinking what you want and as you want.
          But copyright owners is only one reason why we change our domain names each year.
          And we care about people who care about us, and this people are our members, not usuall users.
          We not need your credit card numbers or any other your personal data. All payments going through side companies that you use each day.

  6. Tom

    Thank you Titan for your hard work, I understand that only members has access to this files and i’m asking maybe one of these members can aid and upload this release to other hosting sites , some of the site visitors not plan to purchase a member, some of them are not professional in the music industry and just enjoy listen to new releases.

    • Titan

      Thanks for pretty words!
      Members not using this website)
      You can listen music on deezer, spotify, google music etc. and to here people go for downloads

  7. mrfaze78

    Thank you for all the hard work doing these uploads Titan. Sometimes the copyright owners are too quick I guess. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated.

  8. Music Lovah

    Братан – если не в лом – выгрузи еще раз.

    Все пойму если не можешь!

    Спасибо За все твои Труды!

    • Titan

      Вся ситуация с данным и подобными постами описана в комментариях выше, правда на английском)

      • Music Lovah

        Thanks a lot, man. I decided to give it a try before I go online and start looking for each track one-by-one. Thank you very much for your work mate! Have great week brother!

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